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  1. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    Adelays 4.2 is now available! * Buffer precision was improved. That should really help people with bad ping. * Fixed a bug that was emptying the buffer on skill pause. * Fixed a bug that was emptying the buffer after a skill without delay (Ex: True sight). * Added the possibility to regulate a long skill chain (4 skills+) in case the player is faster than normal. This feature is experimental and can be disabled in the conf. * Added a command to check the connection to Adelays's Server. @adelaysip. To people which wonder what's the buffer, it's basically a value that defines if you are able to doubleskill, or not. You may check our facebook for more details.
  2. Hello, Yes, it works with baby classes. There is a basic script that works with the palettes. You may have to modify it so it fits your need.
  3. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    Adelays 4.0 is now Available! Main changes on that version: Sonic Blow and Arrow Vulcan are now fixed. You can now log player skills with #adelayslog <playername>. It’s useful to check if they are cheating or not. The fixed delays are less noticeable on faster skills. (There was a little bug.) Failed skills does not give hitlocks anymore. @adelaysupgrade automatically updates the code library. @adelaysreload reload adelays conf and skill database. Video showcasing Sonic Blow and Arrow Vulcan fix: Took us about one month to release that version! A lot of code has been changed, and it requires a full re-diff. Contact (skype, mail): Purchase & installation :kami-shi For all your questions & bug reports: adelaysforagnawork (skype), [email protected] (Mail)
  4. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    You are totally wrong in your point, people using nodelay will be slowed down as soon as they are detected. Of course it is useful because people who use cheats will cast slower than normal.... PS: You have not written anything to me, I didn't get any message from you about those specific classes. Why don't you just explain the issue to me?
  5. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    To the hater: Are you serious? Can you at least explain what is your issue or you are just trolling here? Maybe you can contact me on skype before posting bad things on my thread if you have an issue? Are you at least one of my clients? You know that I offer refunds in case you are not satisfied at all, which seems to be your case, but I go absolutely no informations from you. So contact me asap if you are one of my customers. You have been talking about clown / assassin cross skills. Can you list them? It only takes me one min to adjust a skill if required.
  6. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    Adelays 3.2 is released! Main changes on that version: An issue on Paladin, Knight, Lord Knight delays has been corrected. 3rd Classes delays are working now. The buffer system has been improved. Not every skills support hitlocking anymore. Automatic update of the code when launching @reloadskilldb or starting the server. A recompile is still necessary, though. We are working everydays on the system to make it more accurate and secure. Please report us any issue that you find! Thank you!
  7. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    The system is light. It only does fast comparisons and little calculation. There's no dynamic memory allocation or big calculation complexity. -- Google translate --- Система является легковесной. Она производит быстрые сравнения и расчет. В ней нет динамического выделения памяти или расчетов большой сложности.
  8. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    The system add another (compiled) library to your sources and there's also a diff to apply. It's only on the server side, it's compatible with other client-side protection system. I don't think 125$ is too much for a lifetime protection, unbypassable, with free updates, support and bugfixes. About what it does, yes, it only protect from nodelay & speedhacks, but it does it well! I prefer to create a REAL solution, than a bad solution that will get bypassed sometime. I am also thinking of an antibot system, but that will come later. -- google translate --- Система добавить еще один (скомпилированный) библиотеку к источникам и есть также разн. применять. Это только на стороне сервера. Я не думаю, 125 $ это слишком много для защиты жизни, невозможно обойти, с обновлениями, поддержки и исправлений. О том, что он делает, да, это только для защиты от NODELAY & speedhacks, но он делает это хорошо! Я предпочитаю, чтобы создать реальное решение, чем плохое решение, которые будут получать обошел. Я также имею в виду системы AntiBot, но это придет позже.
  9. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    price is approx 125$. Lifetime protection. ^^
  10. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    When you have an high ping, it also means that you cast slower during 3-5 skills, then suddenly cast skills faster. :3 Instead of detecting you as cheater, adelays add some kind of buffer. Если у вас есть высокий пинг, это также означает, что вы бросили медленнее в течение 3-5 навыков, а потом вдруг бросил навыки быстрее. : 3 Вместо обнаружения вас как мошенника, adelays добавить какой-то буфер.
  11. Adelays Anti-Nodelay Protection V4

    Hello, I am here to present you the Adelays Project, as it is now in an advanced state, stable and accurate. The adelays project was initially created in August 2013 to block nodelay users when harmony began to fail at this task... The goal of this project is to block cheaters from spamming faster than normal players, without breaking the ragnarok game mechanics and to be server side, which means: unbypassable. Every system client side ends up bypassed by the crazy hacker russian community. To achieve that goal, adelays use a smart algorithm to detect who is casting skills too fast. The system checks the: ASPD and Dexterity of the player Hitlocking state – When a player get damages, he can skill right after it. Dancing state – When a player move between two skills, he can also skill faster. Double, Triple, Quad skills – If a player has a bad ping, sometimes he sends a lot of skills at once. Once a player is detected as a cheater, Adelays makes him cast slower than normal. That makes cheating very useless =p At the moment, only the 2nd classes skills are protected, and 3rd classes are coming soon. If you want to discuss the system, suggest ways to improve it or if you have reviews don't hesitate to post here ! If you are interrested on this system, you may go to our website Adelays.ragnawork.com You can also like our facebook page: https://www.facebook...2<br /><br /> Authors: Kamishi, Neslea
  12. Maps

    Is it allowed in this community to resell other people work?, this user, kael is saying clearly in the first post that these maps are from "Olrox" He is asking people of this community by PM to contact him for payment to have these works that he doesn't belongs/were created from him. Every map of Olrox has some terms that says clearly that nobody can share for reselling Please, can the staff of this forum to remove/ban this user immediatly, not only cause the violation of the material, rather, the insecurity of this community to allow someone to ask for money for material he doesn't belongs and he certainly can't give the support as the original autor does Waiting for your action, thanks.
  13. *** BEWARE OF SCAMMERS *** Yesterday and some days ago, two person added me on skype, asking for help because my 690 palette pack wouldn't work. After some verifications, it turned out they didn't have any license on my palettes, and that they got the pack from a scammer. Obviously, I will not help people who don't have any license. I can not do anything for them except to suggest them to get a valid license from me. Never trust people which are trying to sell my palettes (If you ever meet one)! You may get the files, but you will have no support for it, it will not work correctly and for sure it won't be compatible with any of my future work. Don't expect to get any support from me for pirate files! *** Остерегайтесь ОБМАНЩИКИ *** Вчера и несколько дней назад, два человека добавили меня в скайп, прося о помощи, потому что моя палитра 690 блок не будет работать. После проверки, оказалось, что они не имели лицензии на моей палитры, и что они получили пакет из мошенник. Очевидно, что я не буду помогать людям, которые не имеют лицензии. Я не могу ничего сделать для них, за исключением предложить им получить действительную лицензию от меня. Никогда не доверяйте людям, которые пытаются продать свои палитры (Если вы когда-нибудь встретиться с одним!) Вы можете получить файлы, но у вас не будет поддержки, она не будет работать правильно, и наверняка она не будет совместима с любым из моих будущих работ. Не ожидайте получить никакой поддержки от меня файлы пират! Thank you
  14. Change in discounts: Donators : 10% Discount ------ Модераторы форума, Донатеры форума: 10% скидка.